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> The whole secret of all achievements accomplishments and success in Life is to meet with... 
 'The Right Person'; (ii) 'At Right Time'; & (iii) 'At Right Place' to fulfill various needs of Life, Career & Business.
> Any little or big information that is required by: 'Anyone'; 'Any Time'; 'Any where'; should must be delivered at soonest possible before its expiry/ actual need. May it be 'that information is lying in someone's head / mind / memory or anywhere in the world'. ('Sorry'; 'Wait... Wait... Wait...' Saying this... I really not intending or meant to compromising one's privacy & secrets. *I can further speak on this a minimum 100 minutes NONSTOP). 
> By default, there is... 'An invisible video camera always rolling on & active in Everyone's Life/Mind that captures slightest bit of everything we think, feel & act every moment. And, therefore; all the forthcoming happenings which are taking place in our Life, in fact, the result of 'exactly what it was already captured & recorded in mind, memory, brain, sub-consious & soul'. So, we should be always very very careful to take intelligent attempts, actions and decisions in Life.
> Dark is nothing but the absence of Light; Death is nothing, but the absence of Life.
> Nothing else is as powerful and stronger as an idea. An idea is the most powerful force to revolutionize & overall change the Life/Lives/Mankind (World) for more better health, more happiness, more progress & prosperity.
> No one can ever or never imagine the 'untold content' that I have in mind. I foresee & visualizing a live video* in universe size* that contains of MASSIVE EXCHANGE AND CIRCULATION OF MULTI-TRILLION INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION -which are taking place every moment in 7.4 bn People's Life for hundreds & thousands & millions & billions & trillions of their different needs of Life, Carrier & Business.
You may look this video as just one little example of what I meant to say about
> You don't know or can't ever imagine... 'Who'-from the 7.6 billion People..? 'What' -shape or kind..? 'When' -day, hour, minute, second or moment..? 'Where & Which' -Country, City or Place..? 'Why' & 'How' -because the culmination & result of various factors..? an 'Opportunity' or your 'Good-Luck' would suddenly knock your door or come in the way of your Life..?!
> Most of valuable, powerful & beautiful things in Life, Nature, Earth, World and Universe are: 'Intangible & Invisible'.
e.g. some of them are: Air, Breath, Confidence, Destiny, Experience, Faith, Fortune, Happiness, Intelligence, Light, Love, Luck, Memory, Mind, Opportunity, Sex, Signature on Currency, Soul, Sound, Thought, Time, Trust.
> Every this moment, upcoming feeling - thought or idea in everyone of 7.4 billion People's mind; every big or small incident that is taking place in our Life and around us; meeting, talking & discussing with People; exchange of messages by various tools of communication; and all other hundreds to thousands to millions to billions to trillions of little bit things & activities are affecting to :--- "An overall direction & cycle & decision & next attempt & result in our Life".
> Millions & Millions available 24x7 online worldwide at to connect & introduce Every Stranger Pair of 7.6 billion People to each-other and deliver them solutions of their 1>Emergency; 1>Top Priority; 1>Dream & Ambition; and different needs of their Life, Career & Business. Exception: If all they can't, then, will ultimately help.
(Infoscientist can speak more on this 100 minutes NONSTOP)
> A dream, idea or concept is the... Soul, Life, Mother & Father of Everything. visible or invisible; tangible or intangible in & around us & universe.
> Nothing is as powerful & stronger as an idea. An idea is the most powerful force to revolutionize & overall change the Life/Lives/Mankind (World) for more better health,
more happiness, more progress & prosperity.
> Nothing is truly free in Life. Even the 'Earth' on which we live; the 'Air' we breathe; and the 'Light' we use from Sun. 100 out of 100 People in the world would say: All these are freely available to use to us at absolute no cost. Infoscientist will prove, convince & satisfy; 'All these are TRULY NOT FREE - And that's why I'm Infoscientist. eMail here to know the answer.
> "DUE' always exists in Life", as-well-as through out the World & Universe. Irrespective of whatever level of achievements, inventions, discoveries, name, fame, goodwill, status, prosperity & success are accomplished !!!
So, there is no good enough reason to be arrogant, egotistic & supercilious.
(*I can speak more on this a minimum 100 minutes NONSTOP). e.g. Yesterday, Yahoo, (Founded: March,1995), was the leader in search engine on Internet. But, Today, Google, (Founded: September 1998) is leading being the 1st choice of more & more People. Likewise there are 100s of example in history. So, this is the lesson & proof that NO-One can rule out or predict anything for Tomorrow..?!
> A Trillion dollar$ worth idea may come from anyone, anytime, anywhere.
> "All the forces in the world or anything else alone or everything collectively are not so powerful that can stop an idea whose time has come. An invasion of armies can be resisted; But, an invasion of ideas cannot be resisted" Victor Hugo

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