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While summarizing the actual total content that is in over 9000+ pages and hundreds of other folders & files in our mind & memory, we helplessly missed many many important things here above. In fact, We need minimum  5 to 10 hours to speak out NONSTOP all about. Its not possible to write over all 9000+ research papers content here. So, you may chairman@internetworldbank.net to have a live chat or talk over phone for more info and better understanding.

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If Anyone / Powerful or Resourceful / Business Person / Company / Celebrity do not revert back to us due to any reason whatsoever thereof, then...
(i) S/He has misunderstood & underestimated us which is sure & sure NOT based on facts or truth (ii) S/He is not a Genius but 'I*?*? & F*?* (iii) S/He is at mistake for sure & sure; and... (iv) S/He has guaranteed lost the share of $ 1 Trillion dollar$ cake just because his/her ego.


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