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$ 1 Trillion Dollar Valued 47 years Research
packed & written in to just 1 Elevator Pitch


By default, there is...

'An invisible video camera continuously rolling & active in everyone's mind & memory -that captures slightest bit of everything as whatever we think, feel & act every moment. And, So, therefore, all the upcoming happenings which are taking place in our Life; in fact, are the cumulative result of 'exactly what it was already recorded in one's mind, memory, brain & soul'. So, The ultimate root reason & secret of all achievements and success in Life is... TO CONNECT & MEET WITH... (i) 'The Right Person (s)'; (ii) 'At Right Time'; (iii) 'At Right Place' to fulfill various needs, desires, wishes and requirements of Life, Career and Business.

Step-2 To do this task & helping to the People...

there are several websites & applications currently available e.g. Facebook + Linkedin + Twitter + Instagram + Gplus + Youtube + Whatsapp + BNI + Meetup etc. which are doing great job; and People are happily using them.  But, I am confident & sorry to say that... All these sites & applications together are not more than 22% (indicative to a Bullet Train) of the social media as a whole to its apex zenith. Thus 78% more growth is still due to be explored. Infoscientist is ready & set to grow more 50% of its due (indicative to a fastest speed Aircraft) by applying his 47 years research. 

Step-3 There is general belief is that...

"Human Fortune is controlled by Some 'Super Natural Power sitting in the sky'. Infoscientist has invented and discovered answers & solutions of fortune, luck & destiny + 94 other things in Life except these 5 exceptions: (i) Birth of New Life; (ii) Death (s); (iii) Diseases (s); (iv) Accidents (s); and... (v) Total control over Time, Space, Nature & Natural Calamities and the entire universe).

Step-4 Infoscientist is ready & set to...

ensure connecting 7 billion People with most fit pair of their RIGHT PEOPLE at RIGHT TIME at RIGHT PLACE through millions & millions Live Human Introducers -who are available 24x7 online worldwide to introduce & connect any stranger pair of 7 billion People (that total comes to more over 1000 Trillion Stranger Pairs) within just few seconds; or maximum in couple of minutes; and deliver them answers, solutions, products & services of their various needs.


Any little or big information that is required by... 'Anyone'; 'Any Time'; 'Any where';  should must be delivered at quickest possible before its actual need & expiry may it be, that information is lying in someone's head, mind, memory or may that exist just anywhere in the world'. Infoscientist is ready with its solutions.


Top Search Engines & Social Media Websites are NOT equipped with 24x7 Online Available ASSISTANT(s) or say /GUIDE(s) /HELPER(s) /CONNECTOR(s) /EXPERT(s) /LIVE INTRODUCER(s). *World Introducer has discovered its solutions.


DUE always exists in Life as-well-as through out the world & universe irrespective of whatever level of achievements, inventions, discoveries, name, fame, goodwill, status, prosperity & success are accomplished !!! So, there is no reason to be arrogant, egotistic & supercilious. e.g. Yesterday, Yahoo, (Founded: March,1995), was the leader in search engine on Internet. But, Today, Google, (Founded: September 1998) is leading being the 1st choice of more & more People. Likewise there are 100s of example in history. So, this is the lesson & proof that NO-One can rule out or predict anything for tomorrow..?!


Every moment, upcoming feeling, thought or idea in everyone of 7.4 billion People's mind; every big or small incident that is taking place in our Life and around us; meeting, talking & discussing with People; exchange of messages by various tools of communication; and all other hundreds to thousands to millions to billions to trillions of little bit things & activities are affecting to :--- "An overall direction & cycle & decision & next attempt & result in our Life".


Most of valuable, powerful & beautiful things in Life, Nature, Earth, World and Universe are: 'Intangible & Invisible'. e.g. some of them are: Air, Breath, Confidence, Destiny, Experience, Faith, Fortune, Happiness, Intelligence, Light, Love, Luck, Memory, Mind, Opportunity, Sex, Signature on Currency, Soul, Sound, Thought, Time, Trust.


You don't know or can't ever imagine... 'Who'-from the 7.6 billion People..? 'What' -shape or kind..? 'When' -day, hour, minute, second or moment..? 'Where & Which' -Country, City or Place..? 'Why' & 'How' -because the culmination & result of various factors..? an 'Opportunity' or your 'Good-Luck' would suddenly knock your door or come in the way of your Life..?!


A Trillion dollar$ worthwhile idea may come from anyone, anytime, anywhere.


An idea or concept is the complete Kit, Soul, Life, Mother & Father of Everything that is visible or invisible; tangible or intangible in & around universe.


Nothing is as powerful & stronger as an idea. An idea is the most powerful force to revolutionize & overall change the Life/Lives/Mankind/World.


Nothing is truly free in Life. Even the 'Earth' on which we live; the 'Air' we breathe; and the 'Light' we use from the Sun.


A worthwhile opportunity lost is equal to that much worth of Life,Time & Money lost.

Step-16 And the last but not the least...

Dark is nothing but the absence of Light;
Death is nothing, but the absence of Life.


Action to Answers & Solutions

Infoscientist has  conceptualized & developed such a master plan by applying that, we can connect any 2 person of 7 bn. People at right time at right place. It has confirmed power & potential to produce $ 1 Trillion Dollar$ & unlimited opportunities to 7 billion People to make their Life more better, healthier, happier & prosperous. (*For more detailed info, it is encouraged & recommended to see the website whole content). He wants to make a website www.worldintroducer.com with an application and so therefore looking for team of experienced & passionate People, Professionals & Investors having common interest and passion to convert this vision & mission in to reality.  

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