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There is Only...
Supreme Being


Supreme Being

The Owner, Creator 
Chief Controller of Life, Time, Space,
Fortune, Good-Luck, Destiny 
in, around 
beyond the Universe

The Creator & Owner
Who ?
What ?
Where ?
When ?
Why ?

How ?

There is Only...

There is Only...

There is only...

Sir Timothy John Berners-Le

And So therefore, there is...

World's 1st Born Infoscientist

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Nickname Infoscientist
Full Name Nawal Kumar Roongta
Birth Date
Birth Place

28 October 1955

Rajasthan State of India

Education B. Com (Calcutta University)
Profession Chairman-CEO-Founder of:  Internet World Bank
eMail contact@infoscientist.name
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Address Kolkata, Postcode-700010, India
Author of
4 Books
Life & Death / Jiwan Mrityu (Philosophy)
Life & Death / Jindagi aur Mout (Poetry & Shayari)
Lifewires of health & Happiness (Health)
The simple & supreme secret of Time & Life (Time Management)
Presented Over 250
Live Seminar & Workshops
At World Trade Centre, Mumbai & Hotel Oberoi on subject:-
"As to how Companies & People best use the maximum power & potential of Internet to further grow their Life Career & Business"
47 Years Research for New
Internet Startup

 Brief Bio 

Nawal Kumar Roongta is World's 1st Born Infoscientist. Also, Researcher, Analyst, Inventor, Visionary, Author, Time Management Expert, Internet Search Expert, Internet Live Show Presenter and above all a Dreamer.

He lives in Kolkata City of India and Chairman of a Research Company 'Internet World Bank'.

He is ready with his dream project of 47 years research for a search engine + social media combo new Internet startup that has power to produce $ 1 Trillion dollar$ & unlimited opportunities for the better of 7 billion People. He look ahead to deliver this research to Google or Microsoft or some Corporate company and work upon to turn it in to reality.

He has been blessed by Nature to dream, imagine, think, access, research & analyze not only the physical & tangible objects but also invisible & intangible things out of the box and in & around universe in its 100% totality.

*He can be reached by
eMail and many other communication tools linked here www.itsmyurls.com/infoscientist 

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